3 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

People get the wrong impression about cats. Every feline has their own personality, but you don’t always get to see them in full care mode. Often times, viral videos go out about how they can be mischievous, or chase lasers. But when they are not front and center on YouTube or anything like that, you’re going to find that cats are lovable creatures. Cats will show you love and will be absolutely your best friend if you treat them correctly. If you play with them, feed them, and clear things up in their litter box, you’ll find that they can be pals just like dogs can be. It all depends on how you treat them. If you are treating them nicely, look out for these signs that your cat loves you and returns the favor of what you do for them.

The Animal Gift

Sometimes you will see a random toy at the opening to your bathroom or bedroom. You may think that this is random, but it’s not. It’s by design. The animal gift goes to the primal nature of felines. In the wild, cats will bring you mice. They will kill mice and bring them to you and perhaps even put them in your shoes. If you don’t have an outdoor cat, you will find that their soft toys can end up taking a replacement. Look out for this simple sign of love and it will melt your heart.

The Head Bump

When a cat loves you, they will bump their heads on you. For some, the bump can even go out with a close fist. Close your fist and let it hang, don’t move it, and you’ll find a cat will “fist bump” you. That’s right, they’ll bump you just like a fist bump and they’ll proceed to rub their face and whiskers on your leg, arm, and more. They show love in this manner, and when happy, you’ll even hear them purring at the same time.


Cats lick just like dogs lick. They clean themselves all the time, but they also clean one another. They see you as a giant cat, and science has proven such notions. When they love you and care for you, they’ll clean your hands, and arm. They will lick you. It may feel rough, it may feel odd, but they are showing you that you are part of their family, and belong to them. This is a simple sign of love.

These signs come as a result of several things that you can do for them. Pet them, feed them, play with them, and above all else, clean their litter box often. If you don’t have a lot of time, then purchase an automatic litter box and ensure that it’s always clean and clear. This will show that you respect them, and they’ll love you back. You’re going to enjoy your pet, and they are going to showcase a great deal of care back to you. This is a great thing, and definitely worth looking into.

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