How to Be a Fashionable Mom on a Budget

It’s easy to be a fashionable mom even when you’re on a budget. There are a few tricks that I like to use and I’ll be so kind to pass them along to you. We all know that we you become a mom, it’s hard to shop for yourself without feeling guilty, or you buy way to much because you always buy for the kids when you make a purchase for yourself. So the key is to save money, and in these days who doesn’t want to learn about saving money.

These tricks are so simple and can be used often.

1) SHOP OFF SEASONS for yourself and your children….if you can predict what size they’re growing into.

What does all this mean? Make it a habit to buy summer clothes during the winter or fall, and fall and winter clothes during the spring and summer months. Most department stores have great deals if you buy off season clothes. For example, I like to buy summer clothes in October because the clothes are normally between 60%-90% off. That’s a great deal! Not only is it a deal but you still can buy quailty clothing. I shop this way for myself, husband and our kids. But to remain in style, it’s smart to buy clothes that are timeless. The last thing you want, is to look like last years line……..that’s what we want to avoid. In order to avoid this I suggest simply to just be yourself. If you shop for what’s in style at the time….this trick my not work for you. I tend to be timeless clothes in order to wear them longer. If you buy clothes with few patterns, and mix styles up. You have to find your own unique style and this trick will save you hundreds of dollars a year.

2) Layer you clothes

Try to buy clothes that can be worn in any season. If you find a cute top but if has short sleeves, can you wear that top in the winter? Yes you can! wearing short sleeve tops in the winter becomes easy when you wear it with a cute stylish jacket or blazer. Often times you can even wear a long sleeve top underneath a short slleve top to create another look. The key is to be very creative when it comes to layering clothing. You can create so many outfits this way and be unique at the same time. I sometimes hesitate to buy off of racks that have over ten of the same item. In my mind I think “that means, nine other people are going to have this outfit.” I soon realized that this was not true, its all about how you wear the outfit, how you layer it, and what costume jewelry accompanies it. That brings me to the last tip.

3) Costume jewelry

It’s amazing how costume jewelry can change the whole appearance of an outfit. If you don’t have much money to spend on costume jewelry, you’re in luck because you don’t need much money. There are places like Claire’s and After Thoughts which are normally located in local malls, they have great sales. They always have sales with 50% off, or even 10 items for $5.00.

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