Get Your Yard Looking Its Very Best

It’s always problematic to keep up with the Joneses on your block. Every neighborhood has that one home that has the perfect outdoor entertaining space and a backyard that seems impossibly green and weed-free. If you want your yard to look it’s very best, it’s not that difficult. All you need are a few helpful hints and you’re well on your way to having the yard of your dreams. To find out more about how to clean up your yard quickly, visit this website


The best way to get your yard looking green and healthy is to give it the food it needs. Fertilizers are available from any home improvement or outdoor gardening retailer. Believe it or not, the timing is important when it comes to fertilizing. Just because you feed your lawn doesn’t mean it will be bright and green.

If you live in the northern US, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn in the fall and spring as these are the growing seasons for the grass. Fall treatments help the yard survive winter, and spring treatments help it bounce back during its biggest growth period. If you live in the southern US, feed your lawn during the spring and summer. For additional information on when to fertilize your grass in the northeast, visit this website:

Tackle Pest Issues Head On

If you notice curled or poorly formed leaves on your favorite annuals or fruit trees, this could be a sign of pests having a hay day in your yard and flower beds. Spring is the most common time of year to witness this as everything is in full bloom, and the pests love all the fresh food available to them during spring.

You can either spread your own pest control chemicals to your yard and gardens, or you can hire a professional. If you opt to hire a professional to help with pest control in your yard, consider following the Better Business Bureau guidelines for selecting a landscaper or lawn treatment company.

Treat Weeds

Weeds are the eyesore no one likes to see in their yard, flower beds, or along sidewalks on your property. There are a number of ways to treat these weeds. Hand-held sprays are excellent for small, tight spaces that you can’t apply seed-based treatments. However, if you want to treat your entire lawn with a seed-based treatment, make sure you apply it early in the morning. The morning dew helps the seeds stick to the weeds, leaves, and stems. This ensures the chemicals will more effectively do their jobs.

Spruce Up Your Entertaining Spaces

Last but not least, purchase some new outdoor patio furniture to transform your outdoor spaces into entertaining spaces. Whether you want lounging furniture for sunbathing or enjoying a brisk evening in front of the firepit, or have bolder plans that involve entertaining dinner guests outside, there are a lot of patio furniture options out there to choose from.

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